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Mark Scheifele Slew Foots Darnell Nurse, Will The Department of Player Safety Have Anything to Say?

The Department of Player Safety should take a look at Mark Scheifele's slew foot of Darnell Nurse in the final seconds of last night's game.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

As the final seconds ticked off the clock last night, I finished my beer, grabbed my jacket, and stood to applaud a somewhat surprising win by the Oilers. And in doing so I missed what led to a brief post game scuffle involving Darnell Nurse. But thanks to the internet, although I missed it live I've now been able to see exactly what happened in the final seconds of the game. From T-Funk at HFBoards and our Twitter account.

I can certainly see why Nurse was a little upset at the end of the game. His reaction seems justified too.

Mark Scheifele puts his arm in front of Nurse and then kicks his left foot forward, slew footing the Oilers defenceman and taking him awkwardly to the ice. All of this with just second left to play in a 3-1 hockey game. Nothing about that is a hockey play, it's dangerous plain and simple. And it should be looked at by the NHL's Department of Player Safety. But this being the NHL I won't hold my breath.