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Oil Spills: Sunday Links - Don Cherry Is Crazy

All the news that you can use from Edmonton and around the NHL. Don Cherry thinks the Flyers meant to hurt Connor McDavid. Future NHL Hall of Famers. Patrick Marleau on the trading block? And more.

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

About the Oilers

Don Cherry drops McDavid bombshell: "He was hurt on purpose." - David Staples -- Cult of Hockey
On Coach’s Corner, commentator Don Cherry ripped into Philadelphia Flyers players Brandon Manning and Michael Del Zotto for intentionally hurting Edmonton Oilers phenom Connor McDavid. (Editor's note: Don Cherry is a crazy old man)

Five Years Later, An Overnight Sensation - Lowetide -- OilersNation
Brandon Davidson was taken in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, No. 162 overall. By that time on draft day, it's down to scouts, doubts and cleaning staff, as the NHL's summer holidays are about to begin for the amateur procurement department. Why should we care about sixth round picks? They matter, and as the salary cap sends more of the money to impact players, those late picks will matter even more.

Edmonton Oilers begin 'survival' road trip against champs in Chicago - Derek Van Diest -- Edmonton Sun
With nine of the Oilers next 11 games on the road, hopes of meaningful contests in December are starting to wane.

Ask Matty: Winger Teddy Purcell has the offensive chops to be on Oilers powerplay - Jim Matheson -- Edmonton Journal
Q. Please explain why Teddy Purcell gets so much power-play time. A. The short answer is because the Oilers winger has got the skill to be there, either on a first or second unit.

A different kind of moral victory in Oilers' rebuild - Mark Spector --
If you had to describe Edmonton’s rebuild in two words, "total" and "disaster" would be sturdy candidates.

Saturday Oilers Thoughts - Alex Tjomas -- The Oilers Rig
The Oilers finished their homestand with a 2-2-0 record that easily could have been a 3-1-0 or 4-0-0 record. I said before the homestand began that 2-2-0 was bare minimum and they were able to pull it off. I’ll call it a moderate success, but I can’t help but think the Oilers left some points on the table here.

Around the NHL

Which current NHL skaters have a case for the Hall of Fame? - Stephen Burtch --
Looking at which current NHL skaters have a case for the Hall of Fame through statistical analysis.

Mystery team pursuing Patrick Marleau -- Fear The Fin
Hockey Night in Canada is reporting a team is making a move to acquire Marleau.

NHL Power Rankings: Grades for all goalies --
In this week's NHL Power Rankings, we take a close look at the early-season performances of all 30 teams' goaltending and hand out grades, schoolteacher style.

What's wrong with the 2015-16 New York Islanders? A statistical look. -- Lighthouse Hockey
A quick statistical look at the New York Islanders, who are struggling on multiple fronts.

GIF: Andrei Markov aims a slapper at the Bruins' bench -- Stanley Cup of Chowder
He's real mad.