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Game Thread: Oilers at Toronto - A Battle of the Cellar Dwellers

Two of the NHL's worst teams face off.

Chris LaFrance-USA TODAY Sports

This season was supposed to be different. I know that you've heard that before, and it never really is different, but this time it really was going to be different. The Oilers almost certainly weren't going to be a playoff team, but progress would be seen, those important first steps on the road to success would be taken. And as we get ready to bring November to a close where are the Oilers? Where they always are, in the NHL's basement. Luckily for them the Eskimos had been keeping local fans focused on something other than another season that's effectively over before December, but that little bit of shelter is gone now, and all eyes will once again be on the rebuild that never ends.

For those of you who might still be looking for something positive to come out of the game tonight, let's try this, if the Oilers beat the Leafs (like Edmonton, Toronto is one of the NHL's worst teams so at least there's a chance) tonight they'll launch themselves up the standings to at least 28th overall and won't enter December as the worst team in the NHL. Even a Bettman point will be good enough for the Oilers to jump over the Flames in the standings. That's something, right? After ten years of this, it really shouldn't be.