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Guess the First Oilers Goal: Game 23 - Oilers at Detroit

Guess who scores the Oilers first goal tonight and you could win.

Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

What is it? The concept is pretty simple, guess who scores the Oilers' first goal of the evening and you could win a prize.

How do I play? Post your prediction for the player who will score the Oilers first goal of the night in the comments below, and please use the subject line to make your prediction. Tweets won't be counted, comments on our Facebook page won't be counted.

How do the points work? A correct guess is worth 10 points. If the players you pick scores the Oilers' second goal you receive 5 points. The third goal of the evening is worth 3 points. Goals four, five, six, and beyond are all worth 1 point. You receive points for every goal that "your" player scores during the game.

Can you give me an example? Luke Gazdic scores a natural hat trick and does a bunch of other things that leave you speechless. The Oilers blow that lead and the game ends up tied at three before Justin Schultz scores to put the Oilers back in front. Gazdic adds an empty net goal and the Oilers win 5-3. If you chose Gazdic, you get 19 points. Schultz would have been worth 1.

What can I win? After the last game in November the leader will win a Connor McDavid jersey shirt. And then we'll start the whole thing over again in December with a brand new prize.

Who's in the lead right now? Here's how things stand after Game 21 (not yet updated).

Player Total Player Total
Vanvoneer 69 fzrdave 10
Arbie 57 John Naboye 10
TakeoutArtist 57 ryantyke 10
ryan_batty 50 TreNeuf 10
BigB_09 48 tylerbuck 10
aluchko 43 white flag 10
lumberjackass 43 yegswede 10
GingerRex 40 OilTastic 7
Logan E. 39 Aaron James 6
Chopstyx 37 huck 64 6
loxyisme 32 OilLeak 6
GOATWallace45 31 Buck_Turgidson 5
proxy 29 bucky9 5
michaels82 25 jrhead 5
nabob 25 kristenlanae 5
humantorch 22 McFan78 5
Wonder Llama 21 zerokewlgy 5
Bscuds 16 dawgbone98 3
maudy 16 DyingInside 3
kwilkie 13 El Pindo 3
nafnikufesin 13 Mr_Len 3
bituman 11 sportsjunkie007 3
Stephen's Beaver 11 flarwick 1
chamber69 10 Oprah sucks 1