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Game Thread: Oilers @ Panthers - Cat's Cradle

The Oilers have won five straight in Sunrise. Can they make it six?

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

According to the Edmonton Oilers twitter feed, the team has won five straight in Sunrise, Florida against the Panthers. Tonight they'll be looking to make it six after a decent effort in Tampa on Thursday wasn't enough to beat a deep Lightning team. The Panthers have recent history on their side as they beat Edmonton 4-2 at Rexall last Sunday.

How To Tune In

The puck drops at 5:00 PM MT tonight. Catch all the action on Sportsnet One.

What To Watch For From The Oilers

A perfunctory look at goal differential tells us a lot about the similarities and differences between these two teams. For instance, the Oilers and Panthers are neck-and-neck offensively, with the Oilers having scored 100 goals on the season, and the Panthers at 99. Conversely, the Panthers have allowed 112 goals on the season compared to the Oilers baffling 149. That puts the Panthers at a -13 goal differential, and the Oilers at an abysmal -49 (and, on a side note, the Sabres are in a league of their own at -80).

Edmonton can score with the Panthers, but can they play the defence to back it up and get a win tonight?

What To Watch For From The Panthers

From our friends at Litter Box Cats, Florida is starting to find the kind of success Oilers fans have been hoping for since Rebuild 1.0.

Those teams had nothing to do with today's gladiators. As good as the Panthers were those first few seasons, it's time for a few new memories. If the season were to end today, Florida would have their second best points percentage ever, with a mark of .583. The only time they finished with a better record was in 1999-00, when they finished 43-27-6-6, at .598.

Final Thought