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A Warm Welcome to Zach and Ken

Please welcome Zach Laing and Ken Price to the Copper & Blue team.

Chris LaFrance-USA TODAY Sports

As some of you may know, we put out a call for writers a little while ago to try and find some help covering games and getting all of you CNB faithful a little more content to peruse.

Well, we're pleased to announce that we've added writers Zach Laing and Ken Price to the team.

Ken, an editor, writer, and a journalist, is a self-described existentialist and has a flare for the darkly satirical. You can follow him on twitter @SecretKenPrice. A little taste for you, from his application:

In my more sentimental moments, I look up from swirling the brandy in my glass to the Oilers game and study Scrivens’ eyes. The anguish! It’s beautiful really. He looks to a space somewhere beyond the interviewer and the arena walls. What is he looking at? What does he see? Poetry. I could study his pain every day for the rest of my life.

We all feel that way about old Benny S sometimes, don't we?

As for Zach, he's a journalism student and an avid follower of our favourite team. He wrote about the Oilers and the NHL over at his own blog before joining us here. You can follow him on twitter @Loweded.

If you see either of these two around, feel free to say hi. They're going to have plenty of good reading for you in the very near future.