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Oilers @ Blues Game 44 Preview

How many more games of Jeff Petry do we get to see in an Oiler sweater?

Vladimir Tarasenko and the St. Louis Blues like to score goals.  They're good at it, too.
Vladimir Tarasenko and the St. Louis Blues like to score goals. They're good at it, too.
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

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26-13-3, 55 points, 1.31 p/g Ranks 10-24-9, 29 points, .674 p/g
Western Conference - 4th Western Conference -14th
9th P/G 30th
5th ST 25th
7th ES 26th
9th Goal 29th
Scottrade Center
The opposing view:  St. Louis Game Time

Starting Back At One

After a surprising victory against the Blackhawks on Friday, the Oilers failed to make it a streak.  The Panthers emerged victorious on Sunday, defeating the Oilers by a score of 4-2.  The Oilers had 33 shots, which is good.  Corsi events were 48/42, which is also good.  This, however, is not good.  Brian Campbell had a goal from the blue line that Scrivens never saw due to traffic in front.  The Oilers proceeded to lose their thirty-third contest in forty-three games, and no fun was had by anyone north of Calgary on Sunday night.

The Oilers begin a four game road trip tonight starting in St. Louis.  You'll remember St. Louis, as they were those friendly fellows who outshot the Oilers something like 300-6 in November.

The Oilers are saying

"I don't think we played bad...Just some costly errors at bad times was our downfall."

That's Oilers forward Taylor Hall on what led the Oilers down the tubes of a 4-2 loss to the Panthers.

It's like that and like this, and like that, and uh.

On Florida's fourth goal, the turnover at the blueline by Yakupov isn't much to write home about. But, that swipe at the puck by Ference, just...ugh.

The Opponent is saying

"I'm the beneficiary of some great play all around me"
That's Blues captain David Backes after he was named the NHL's First Star of the Week.  Backes had a pretty good week, what with scoring eight points (6-2-8) and everything.

Backes is currently sixth on the Blues in scoring with 27 points (14-13-27) in 41 games.

The Blues score goals.  I'm a big fan of this scoring goals idea, and the Blues have quite the knack for it.  They've got the most goals scored in the Western Conference with 136.  It's also good for second in the league in goals per game, with 3.14.  Aside from being a lot of fun to watch, Vladimir Tarasenko has 23 of those goals.  23 ties him for third overall in the league with some guy name Stamkos.  Goals are a part of a complete nutritious breakfast.

Have some of this
  • DEREK ROY POINT CALCULATOR THING - Another assist for Derek Roy came in the Florida game, and he's got six points in seven games with the Oilers.  Keep this up, and you might earn yourself an all-expenses paid trip to the Ottawa Senators while we patiently wait for that late round draft pick to come back. If Hemsky gets you a third and a fifth, Derek Roy has got to be worth at least a seventh rounder and a couple of pocket calculators.  In all seriousness, now might be the time to ring Bryan Murray up.  
  • Looking at Ben Scrivens' stat line gave me a real Don Beaupre with Ottawa vibe.  Beaupre with Ottawa (94-95) - 8-25-3, .896 / 3.31 GAA.  Scrivens with Edmonton (14-15) 8-14-7, .891, 3.01 GAA. Hope you enjoyed your flashback to awesome near-expansion Senators hockey.  Anyways, expect Scrivens to get the go tonight in St. Louis, while Jake Allen (12-5-2, .901) will start for the Blues.
  • SECONDS TO GO - If I've got to live a post Jeff Petry life on the Oilers, just do it to me now, Oilers. Get it over with.  Trade him to a contender for a pick.  Rip the band-aid off.
  • MONEY GONE - While I'll lament the loss of Jeff Petry once he gets dealt to Detroit, was there a worse offseason move by the Oilers than to sign Nikitia Nikitin to a two year deal at 4.5M each? Can someone take him on deadline day?  Can the Oilers eat half of his salary for breakfast?  And lunch?