Taylor Fedun On Playing For His Hometown Team


It was kind of crazy. To walk into that dressing room in a regular season game, see the Fedun name on the back of an Oilers jersey, an actual Oilers jersey not one my dad had bought for me when I was 5 years old at the store. This was the real deal. I think I had to rely on a lot of the professionalism I had learned over the years not to get too high just walking into the room and seeing that. My very first shift actually ended in a hybrid icing call which I thought was kind of ironic given everything that had happened the last two years.

Taylor Fedun did a lengthy Q&A with Mac Faulkner of Shnarped recently. In addition to talking about what it was like playing for the Oilers, he also covered college, his injury, and the next step in his hockey career, playing for the San Jose Sharks.

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