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New Oilers Goal Song(s)?

Let's get crazy - have more than one!

Valetin Gabaev

via the team's official website:

A new Edmonton Oilers season means we're looking for a new goal song, and we’re asking Oilers fans for their suggestions.

It's. about. time.

While it doesn't look like they're going to go with my suggestion of individual goal songs, (by the way, that list was my introduction to the bottom of Chappy's brain) a la baseball's individual introduction songs during at-bats, change is good.  Music changes are even better when they aren't being made by the horrendous DJ Dragon, the now-fired Oilers in-game DJ for however many games he worked minus one too long.

While I would prefer that new arena man Rich Meyers put some effort towards individualizing goal songs and get really creative, reaching out to the fans is a step in the right direction.  If he could also go about eliminating Opus and Rednex from the arena playlist for the rest of time, he could become a civic hero in Edmonton and an agent of change in hockey.

Now, if Meyers could only fix the on-ice product as well...

For your listening pleasure: