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Flames Learn How To Fight, Subtitle: Déjà Vu, The Brian Burke Chronicle

Burke is up to his old tricks

Derek Leung

Though they're treating it like they've found cold fusion, TSN dropped a completely unsurprising bombshell:  the Calgary Flames are teaching their young players how to fight::

"As we did in the past years, we're just trying to teach the kids to defend themselves.  That's what we're trying to teach our young players."


"If you’re going to drop your gloves you have to know the dangers."

I'll assume that both Brian Burke and Bob Hartley realize there's barely enough skill on the roster to win a Calder Cup, so they're doing the next best thing - keep ticket sales and concession dollars flowing through fighting majors.  It's Burke's modus operandi - wreck a team by adding goons and more goons at the expense of skill and possession until you're forced out and hope that another franchise President believes that fighting means something in hockey.  Ask Maple Leafs and Ducks fans how much they miss Burke.

While Burke focuses on Grit, meaningless Grit, the rest of the league points and laughs like they're touring a boardwalk freak show.

There's a reason Calgary is going to finish last in the Western Conference.