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David Leroux's Homage To Calvin & Hobbes, In Mask Form

This would be really useful in Calvinball.

Via the Calvin & Hobbes subreddit comes this fantastic goaltender mask picturing a grown up Hobbes and Spaceman Spiff on the back.  I think a shot of The Hideous Blob on the back with Spiff would be even better, but this mask it great as is.

The mask was painted by David Leroux of Diel Airbrush and his work was so compelling that I browsed through his entire gallery. Aside from Calvin & Hobbes, my favorites are Chris Le's Oilers mask, Ilia Ejov's (St. Petersburg-KHL) Sonic the Hedgehog mask and Niklas Treutle's (Hamburg-DHL) Popeye-Pinup-Turtle mask.  The number masks produced for private collectors was a surprise, especially since artwork like that isn't cheap, but if that's your thing, I guess a hobby is a hobby.

From Leroux's bio:

For more than 7 years I’ve worked in the airbrush field but this adventure has started many years ago. During childhood, I was either drawing or playing hockey, you could always see me with a hockey stick or a pencil ,sketching around. Goalies from teams i was playing for, knew i had some drawing skills, so each time they got a new mask, they would ask me to create the design for their new paint job.

Leroux has a number of NHL customers, but if you're interested in a custom job, email David at