Yakupov On Yakimov


We see each other every day, we practice together. If he has any problem, I’m always helping him. By the way, the team took the right decision limiting the time he can spend with me: this way he won’t speak Russian all the time and will be forced to speak English, and this will help him a lot at this point of his career. Not long ago we went to a Katy Perry concert.

In an interview on the Business Gazeta website, The Hockey Writers have the full translation, Yakupov talks about his summer and his relationship with fellow Oilers prospect Bogdan Yakimov. I can't say much for their taste in music, but the idea of trying to make sure Yakimov learns to be more comfortable speaking English is almost certainly a good thing as he transitions to playing pro hockey in North America. There are a lot of other good things in that interview as well, and, as always, Yakupov really seems like a guy who just loves to have a good time.