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Curtis LeBlanc Joins The Copper & Blue

Another scallywag for our merry band of brigands.

Buchanan Courtyard at UBC
Buchanan Courtyard at UBC

Mark FayneBenoit Pouliot? Teddy Purcell?  We're not sure who the equivalent Oilers off-season acquisition is, but we've landed a good one.  As you may have noticed by now, Curtis LeBlanc has joined the crack (cracked? broken?) writing staff here.  Curtis has been blogging at his own joint, Oil!, where he did things like...try and make sense of the Oilers rebuild.

He's got a bent towards stats (sorry gritites) and tacks towards logic to analyze the Oilers and the game at large.  Also, he's all set to get a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing, so we're clearly outclassed here.  Maybe Curtis can give Ben a run in the use of metaphors in ranting about the team.

Please welcome Curtis LeBlanc to The Copper & Blue.  He's set to start off in our upcoming edition of The Top 25 Under 25 - summer edition.

Please can follow Curtis on Twitter, here @soupfromthecan