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Greatness Via Osmosis?

Can one of the greatest teams of all time rub off on one of the worst?

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

The Oilers are planning on celebrating a reunion of one of the franchise's best teams on October 10th at Rexall Place:

But the franchise hasn't tasted a postseason game since and has spent the past eight seasons perennially near the bottom of the NHL standings. As the 1984 Oilers get set to reunite Oct. 10 at Rexall Place, the day after Edmonton's season opener against the Calgary Flames, Gretzky would like to see the hoopla surrounding the event have a positive effect on the current players.

"Hopefully this will be a rub off on the new team with us being there for the home opener and having the excitement of the fans," Gretzky told the Oilers website. "Hopefully we can pass that legacy onto the new players."

And, for some reason, if the appearance of the 1984 Edmonton Oilers doesn't rub off on the team...look everyone!

It's the 1984 Edmonton Oilers!