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Oilers Sign Benoit Pouliot

After all of these years, possession matters

Al Bello

The Oilers other big signing of the day seems like it's coming from a team focused on possession and finding a line to take on the West's best for the next five years:

Pouliot is a well-traveled analytics darling, having played for the Wild, Canadiens, Bruins, Lightning and Rangers since being selected 4th overall in 2005 by the Wild.  Pouliot's deal is raising eyebrows for both term and value, and it's a significant deal for a "third liner":

Pouliot's 6'3" 216 frame fits nicely with the Oilers plans to get bigger throughout the lineup and look for Pouliot to take on the opponent's best on a line with Boyd Gordon and Teddy Purcell.

If that's not the intent, it could mean that the Oilers will be moving a young forward in search of a big centre for the second line.