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Just One (UFA) Fix

July comes quick. Which unrestricted free agent would you make a realistic offer to first?

Looks familiar.
Looks familiar.
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Forgive me for ignoring the topic. I am far more concerned with the future. There are enough UFA’s to make this a playoff team. Easy.

That's CNB frequenter FastOil from the comments in Derek's last piece "Pick Your Poison".

While it's been a blast recounting all of the fun times we've shared over the last eight years, the months of June and July give us opportunity to stare deeply into the abyss of unknown.  It's one of my favourite times of the year, because the Oilers aren't yet mathematically eliminated from next year's postseason race.


But hey, Oiler fans, it's time to get excited. The NHL Draft is coming up soon this month, and soon after that comes free agency.  What lucky contestant will get overpaid to come to the Oilers in 2014-15?

There are many issues with this team.  The bottom six is a major concern.  The defence needs some real propping up.  That power play.  Goaltending looked better since the Oilers acquired Ben Scrivens, (Scrivens played to a .916 during his time with the Oilers last year), but Scrivens playing at .930 still doesn't mask the fact that what's in front of him is in need of some replacement parts.


Take me to July.  Find me one UFA to help this team.  I don't think anyone will argue that this team is several players away from a playoff berth, but find me one (realistic) player to help put the Oilers on that path.  For extra credit, include a term length and dollar amount. Yes, I know that Thomas Vanek and Jarome Iginla are free agents, but I think we can agree that they're not likely candidates for the Oilers.

Do you sign a defenceman?  Bottom six winger?  Centre?

Show me what you got.  Just one for now.