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Power Rankings 2013-14: A look back

How well did the rankings machine predict the 2013-14 season?

Bruce Bennett

While the lot of you are off enjoying the World Cup, Canada 2022 when Qatar loses the bid!, I thought I'd look in on the first 2013-14 Power Rankings I did for the C&B back in August.  Two weeks before the season started, and five weeks before the season started, the formulas I use spit out the following top 10:

1 Los Angeles Kings
2 St. Louis Blues
3 San Jose Sharks
4 Vancouver Canucks
5 Detroit Red Wings
6 Pittsburgh Penguins
7 Ottawa Senators
8 New York Rangers
9 Boston Bruins
10 Chicago Blackhawks

Given the lack of information, I think is pretty solid.  Sure, the rankings machine whiffed on Edmonton and Colorado, but I think it's a worthwhile exercise and I'm going to continue it for 2014-15.

This remains my favorite entry in the rankings:

29 Toronto Their off-season looks like Andy Warhol's bodily function stage

Some things are easy to predict.