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If You Could Turn Back Time...

A whole lot has gone wrong in the last 8 years, but if you had to pick one...


The Oilers have done so many things wrong over the course of the last eight years that it's impossible to catalogue them purely from memory.  Documenting the misery requires wikipedia,, and probably a few passes here and at But we all have our white whales, our lost causes and our dead horses and the Oilers have provided us with plenty to obsess over since Marc-Andre Bergeron used Andrew Ladd to KO Dwayne Roloson and end the Oilers' hopes of winning a Cup.

So, while I've come hate to live in the past and commiserate with the rest of you over the missed opportunities, my curiosity is getting the better of me:

If you could go back in time and undo just one move that the Oilers' franchise has made since 2006, which transaction would you undo?

Remember, you can't pick a move you believe they should have, you can only undo the damage done.