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Out Shot, Out Scored and Out Coached

Oilers lose 4-2 to the LA Kings and allow 50 shots against.

Luke Gazdic and the Oilers' fourth line allow a goal against LA's third line
Luke Gazdic and the Oilers' fourth line allow a goal against LA's third line
Derek Leung

The Oilers played a legitimate playoff team and as one would expect they lost but they lost on more than just the score clock. The Los Angeles Kings essentially gave the Oilers the boot in almost every facet of the game except the all important hit department. The Fenwick chart shows just how great the game was.


Game Review

Game Rating: 2 out of 10

The only reason for the 2 was the goaltending performance that Ben Scrivens put on. As per Tyler Dellow:

If Craig MacTavish doesn't make any significant changes to the blue line depth this off season be prepared for another season of these types of results.

Momentum Killer

Selfies AKA another goal against scored by an Oilers defender. That first goal against scored 1:36 of the first was just awful. Mark Fraser makes a bad pass up to Jordan Eberle which causes a turn over. The icing on the cake, Jeff Carter tries to make a pass and sure as crap Philip Larsen is there to block the shot right into the Oilers' net.

There were a lot of momentum killers in this game but this goal just started the avalanche.

Momentum Driver

Once again Ben Scrivens gave his team a chance to win. 4 goals against on 50 shots isn't that bad especially when you have such a poor defence.


So as I predicted in the last post game wrap up the Oilers stay put at 52 points. There are now 17 more games to go they only need to 5 more so we'll see.

Up Next

Oh great! The Oilers face the Minnesota Wild in Minnesota where they are 5-18-4 since the 05/06 season. So I'm guessing the Oilers will be at 52 points at the end of next game as well.