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Nick Schultz Was Traded For Things

Final tally: Tom Gilbert for a 5th round pick. It's not as bad as Joni Pitkanen for nothing, but...

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Two years ago, the Edmonton Oilers' inept front office traded Tom Gilbert for Nick Schultz for some awesome (in the literal sense of the word) reasons:

  1. "I was speakin’ to Stevie Yzerman today who had him also at the world championships and his comment was ‘If you’re lookin’ for someone who is a true professional, extremely fit and very dependable, you’re gonna get someone like Nick Schultz that your coaches are gonna enjoy having." So a nice comment from someone I have great respect for."
  2. "Like I said, he has a vast experience as far as NHL play, international play, so he’s seen a lot of different things and comfortable in a lot of different aspects of the game of where we need to get better."
  3. During "Oil Change", Stu MacGregor commented "we liked him in his draft year" referring to 2000, when Wild drafted him out of Prince Albert of the WHL.

The move was lauded by fans and widely praised by sports writers in Edmonton.

Nick Schultz then did what all Oilers do when they're brought in to replace superior players: he stunk.  For a month in 2012, four months in 2013 and five months in 2013-14, Schultz moved up and down the depth chart, babysitting Justin Schultz, getting caved against top four competition, losing the possession battle against bottom pairing competition all while struggling to get the puck, then struggling to move the puck up the ice when he did have it.

Today he was traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets for a fifth-round pick.