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Ode to Hemsky

Hemsky scores two goals to help the Oilers defeat the Senators 3-2 in what may be his last game as an Edmonton Oiler

We'll miss you Ales Hemsky
We'll miss you Ales Hemsky
Derek Leung

In preparation for a potential Ales Hemsky trade tonight's post-game thoughts are going to be dedicated to guy that scored 2 goals and had 5 shots on net.


Hemsky's Goals

Unless you are a member of the mainstream media how in the hell are you not gonna miss Hemsky when he's gone. That first goal was classic Hemsky, undressing a defender then the goalie. How many times have we seen him do that? I'm gonna miss those hands for sure.

Eberle's Goal

Not the best but it still stands as the game winner.

Game Review

Game Rating: 5 out of 10

I'm not gonna focus on the two goals against tonight. This night belongs to Hemsky. We will miss him and his talents. Where ever he lands I hope that he wins a cup. Not much else to add but good luck Hemmer!

I was wishing for a Hemsky hat trick because the last time (and first time) he got one Steve Tambellini *spits* signed Hemsky to his current 2 year deal. I was hoping for the same thing to happen tonight but alas two goals was all he got.

Up Next

The Oilers face another bottom feeder in the New York Islanders. Yay! This is gonna be as interesting as the Flames game or the C&B road trip Buffalo game. The only difference will be no Hemsky.

I'll leave you with this