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The Massacre at Rexall Place

The Oilers get their asses handed to them by the Flames in a 8-1 loss

I tried to document the entire game today. I made it to the Curtis Glencross' hat trick goal. After that point I gave up. I watched the rest of the game but was done documenting it. This was the Oilers' worst performance I've seen in years but it was bound to happen with the run of luck the Oilers have had of late.

Game Notes

First Period

For those of you that didn't watch the game it was watchable in the first period. The Oilers scored first and things actually looked good for a while.

0:00 - Eberle returned to action after missing last game with an injury

2:49 - Kevin Westgarth is called for roughing after he clipped Oscar Klefbom in the face with his stick but ok.

4:43 Goal - After losing his stick Ryan Jones decides to stay on the ice during a power play! That's right the guy who will leave the defensive zone on a PK to get a new stick decided to stay on the ice without one in a 5v4 situation. None the less he played his position pretty well and screened Kari Ramo quite well while Jeff Petry shot the puck and scored.

7:34 - Luke Gazdic & Kevin Westgarth had a fight which Don Cherry didn't really like because Gazdic didn't remove his helmet. The great thing about this fight is how people always talk about how fights can change the momentum of the game, well this one did in a very bad way for the Oilers.

8:29 Goal - T.J. Brodie makes a great pass to Mike Cammalleri and heads straight to the net. Cammallleri then passes the puck to Mark Giordano who makes a the perfect shot as Brodie provides a jumping screen.

14:26 - Hall is sprung on a partial break away but Brodie is able to hit the puck off of Hall's stick without taking a penalty

16:01 - Hall takes a hooking penalty on Cammalleri but the Oilers PK is able to kill it off

18:48 - Only seconds after Halls penalty expired Oscar Klefbom makes a pass to Eberle who is jumping off the bench but as we've seen so many times it leads to a too many men on the ice penalty

Second Period

0:29 - Mikael Backlund takes a holding the stick penalty on the Flames power play and put the teams 4v4


If you have a weak stomach or are quick to anger you may want to close your browser or scroll past the rest of the game notes. It is about to get fugly.

4:13 Goal - Cammalleri gets a beautiful feed from Backlund and the Flames take a 2-1 lead. Do you wanna guess which line Eakins put out after this goal was scored? If you guessed the 4th line you're right!

5:20 - Mark Fraser unable to keep up with the blistering speed of Matt Stajan decides to slash him while he is in all alone you can guess what came next

5:20 Goal - Matt Stajan is awarded a penalty shot and buries it 3-1 Flames

6:00 Goal - Paul Byron gets a pass from... you guessed it Mike Cammalleri  and scores 4-1 Flames. This is all started because Martin Marincin decided to pinch up and the puck got past him. The only defender back is Jeff Petry who decides to slide on the ice to take the pass away. Cammalleri just holds up and gets the pass over to Byron. Hall meanwhile is skating to get back into the play and does but then decides to cover no one.

7:18 Goal - Curtis Glencross (You know that guy that played 20 games for the Oilers before they decided to pursue Marion Hossa and let Glencross sign with the Flames) scores to make it 5-1

7:18 - Ben Scrivens comes into the game in relief of Viktor Fasth who allowed 5 goals on 16 shots

14:05 - Andrew Ference trying to make the Oilers tougher to play against trips Cammalleri and the Oilers once again head to the PK. Luckily no goals were scored against

20:00 - Cammaller & Anton Lander are assessed coincidental minors. The 3rd will start 4v4


Taylor Hall obviously frustrated with the score throws his water bottle to the ground. Some of the water splashed back on Dallas Eakins who was upset at Hall and scolded him. That happened with 5:55 remaining in the 2nd. Hall would not play another shit in the 2nd. In fact he wouldn't make another appearance in the game until 13:05 remaining in the 3rd.

Third Period

The third period was a cluster f**k. As I mentioned earlier I gave up recording the game after the third goal in the third and really all I did was record the goal against. Sorry but there was just too much craptacular hockey to record.

4:50 Goal - Curtis Glencross makes it 6-1

5:27 Goal - Kevin Westgarth (you know the Flames version of Luke Gazdic) makes it 7-1

13:19 Goal - Curtis Glencross completes the hat trick to make it 8-1

16:32 - Kenny Agostino hits the post and almost makes it 9-1 but "luckily" it wouldn't be his night


Another jersey was thrown on the ice. This time Ben Scrivens skated over to it and threw it back into the crowd.


Game Review

Game Rating: 0 out of 10

Let's play a game. If you had to guess which team played last night and lost 6-5 which team would you guess it was in tonight's game? If you looked at tonight's score and guessed the team that lost 8-1 you'd be seriously mistaken.

With the exception of the first goal and a decent first period there was nothing good about tonight's game. The Oilers sucked! They let the Flames dominate them and added an exclamation point to this crappy season.

Momentum Killer

I feel like a kid in a candy store there are so many to to choose from so I'll make a list.

The Power Play - STOP TRYING TO GET THE PUCK TO SMYTH! He's gonna score at some point but forcing it to him when there is a better play to make will help the Oilers win games.

Mark Fraser - I can't believe that Eakins benched Hall but kept this poor excuse for a player on the ice!

Goal Tending - It was bound to catch up with the Oilers. They've ridden the wave of hot goaltending and have paid for it in the past two games against crappy teams.

Player Profile

Well I was gonna focus on Anton Lander but after this game anything I say about any player is just going to be negative. I will wait for the next game to do this. Sorry once again.


59 thats all I'm gonna say! The Oilers face some of the toughest competition in the next week or so. I'd be surprised if they hit 60 by next week.

Up Next

The San Jose Sharks! That's right if you thought the Oilers should've won the last 2 games just wait until they face a real NHL team. Maybe 15-0 will force the hand of Craig MacTavish to re-evaluate Dallas Eakins as head coach.

Speaking of Eakins has anyone taken a look at the AHL standings lately? The Marlies are leading their division without him. Maybe he wasn't the key to their success.