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Pi Day Loss to the Wings

The Oilers lose the Red Wings in a shootout.

Take a look at the date on Ryan Smyth's stick. Eat your heart out DawgBone
Take a look at the date on Ryan Smyth's stick. Eat your heart out DawgBone

The Oilers played a relatively good game for the second of back to back on the road. After getting their asses handed to them last night I expected the Oilers to have a repeat of the night before. Of course I forgot that Detroit was missing half of the roster that beat the Oilers 5-0 back in November. That was obviously the difference in this game.


Game Review

Game Rating: 6 out of 10

The Oilers were coming off of a bad loss in St. Louis, the Red Wings hadn't played since Tuesday and the Oilers were able to get a point out of the game. It was a decent road game and a better second game in a back to back.

Momentum Killer

I had a little discussion with @WeirdAl13 today, this was one of his comments.

The funny thing about this comment is what happened at the end of the first period. Taylor Hall got into a scrum with Justin Abdelkader, if Andrew Ference didn't jump in the only penalty would have gone to the Red Wings. Instead the Oilers started the third period 4 on 4. I wanted to point this out because dumb penalties will always be a momentum killer. It wasn't so much a turning point in the game but it did cost the Oilers a power play.

Momentum Driver

This has to go to Oscar Klefbom. Today was his second game in the NHL and while playing with Philip Larsen was able to post a 62.5% Corsi percentage. I'd really like to see how he pair with Justin Schultz to get a true reading on his game.


Well I was wrong the Oilers gained a point in this game. They are not at 55 games with 14 games remaining. They only need 7 more points to tie their worst season. Can they win 4 games out of 10? If they are going to do it they have to do it in their next 4 games as they will face Carolina, Nashville, Buffalo and Calgary. After that they have a pretty tough schedule.

Up Next

The Carolina Hurricanes in an afternoon game on Sunday. The rematch of the 2006 Stanley Cup Finals except both teams are crappy.