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Ted Nolan tries to make it work with Linus Omark in Buffalo

Someone should let these guys know that the correct tack is to play the player out of position and then blame him for the loss.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Patricia Teter @Artful_Puck re-tweeted something into my timeline yesterday that caught my eye:

In the article Bill Hoppe writes about Linus Omark and his return to the lineup as well as possibly moving to Buffalo's top line. He quotes Sabres coach Ted Nolan:

"We want to see what everybody thought he was capable of doing when he came into this league," Nolan said. "He’s a highly skilled player. But as we know, skill can only get you so far. It’s the will and determination that’s going to push you further. So we want to see him play with a little more grit combined with that skill set."

Playing Omark on the fourth line hasn’t worked out well, one reason Nolan has him back beside skill players.

"I think you have to put him with skill people," Nolan said. "We did it a couple times so far, and so far it hasn’t worked out so well. But maybe this time it will."

A coach and an organization that hasn't given up on a player after a couple of weeks? A coach that asks for more without implying that the player is to blame for the previous loss or all that ills the team? An organization that doesn't maroon the player in a far-off land and loose the media lackeys on the guy? A coach willing to put players in a place to succeed and try again in different ways if it doesn't work?

It seems to me it's not going to take Buffalo 8 years to turn it around.