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Brandon Davidson Recalled From The Barons

Not who I expected to get recalled.

Candace Riley

When the Oilers announced that Nikita Nikitin was being placed on injured reserve I had hoped that Martin Marincin would be the man recalled from the Oklahoma City Barons to fill his roster spot. If it were up to me Marincin wouldn't actually be in Oklahoma City for the Oilers to recall, but for whatever reason that's where he is. And that's where he stays for now because the team is recalling Brandon Davidson.

Hands up if you saw this coming?

Davidson has played in 14 games for the Barons this season - he missed time earlier in the season while recovering from a sports hernia - and has score a goal and added a couple assists to go along with 13 penalty minutes so far. Not big numbers but, more or less, consistent with what we've come to expect from him. I don't know that he'll see any ice time during this recall but he's a guy you can't help but pull for because, well, Ben said it better than I ever could:

Come on, we're talking about a player whose family couldn't afford to get him out of AAA midget, who had to walk onto his WHL team, fight his way up the depth chart with nothing but hard work and confidence, become a late draft pick and count himself lucky for it, only to suffer through a disappointing season and cancer of the testicles. If someone pitched a movie like this they'd call it too maudlin.

Good luck, Brandon.