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MacTavish Talks, Says Next To Nothing

As expected, almost nothing was said.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Before Craig MacTavish stepped to the microphone we knew that there would be no major announcement today, this was really little more than a state of the union. He even opened by telling those assembled this that will not satisfy anyone. He was right. Since so little was actually said I'm not going to go into a lot of detail on the half an hour MacTavish spoke for, instead I'll just touch on a couple of the highlights.

  • Visually the Oilers are better this season. There are no tangible results to back that up.
  • It's taken longer to develop the young players than expected. Given the mountain of evidence this team has with teenagers playing in the NHL I hope this isn't news to them.
  • Starting the season with just two NHL centres was not a mistake.
  • Katz is upset. Apparently he's "ten times" more upset than the fans. I have a tough time believing that.
  • Nikita Nikitin is an NHL defencemen, and nobody can argue with that. He also once played in the Olympics.
  • Accountability, accountability, accountability.

And that's about it. Feel better now? If you missed it here's the whole thing.