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Predict the Next Useless Firing

You choose who the Oilers are going to fire next

The Goalie Coach was Obviously the Issue
The Goalie Coach was Obviously the Issue
Chris LaFrance-USA TODAY Sports

After 10 games without a win one would have to think something has to change. Following the 5-2 defeat at the hands of the Arizona Coyotes it would seem that goaltending hasn't improved (at least not yet) under the new goaltending coach Dustin Schwartz. So I ask you, the reader, which of the pawns get fired in the next few days/weeks? This isn't a game of who you think should be fired but a twist on "Predict the Final Score" except this time its "Predict the Next Useless Firing".

Use the following links to make your prediction and put your answer in the comments.

There are obviously other choices so if you can think of another feel free to put their name down as well. The only rule is that this firing needs to be useless and in no way effect the team. Joey Moss is also exempt from the list. If the Oilers Management thinks that he is in anyway the problem they aren't just bad at managing a hockey team but are horrible people as well. In order to make this fair I have taken screenshots as of 12:00AM December 2, 2014 and we will revisit list December 16, 2014.

Have fun and be as creative as possible. There is a good chance that your favourite concession worker at Rexal Place is the problem with this team and terminating his/her employment may just be the key to turning this abomination around.

Also while you are at it go take a look at the pictures of the staff. I'm not sure which one is going to become my next Twitter avatar but Kelly Buchberger is leading the way right now.

P.S. This is just for fun and is in no way tied to "Predict the Final Score"