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Oil Spills - Daily Links - A Million Solutions For What's Wrong With The Oilers

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A collection of stories that you should be reading, as determined by me.

Oilers News

Failure of Oilers’ scouting staff has "kneecapped that franchise" - Cult of Hockey - Bruce McCurdy breaks down Ray Ferraro's latest comments on the Oilers. Ferraro has a lot to say about the Oilers, it's not all positives, and it's not all wrong.

Does Todd Nelson really stand a chance in Edmonton? - Metro - There was a certain bemusing dichotomy between the post-game interviews given by Edmonton goalie Ben Scrivens and soon-to-be interim coach Todd Nelson Tuesday night. Scrivens had given his all in a game the Oilers certainly could have won and, if they hope to dig themselves out of the morass they’ve created this season, should win.

The Internet Trades Hall - OilersNation - Taylor Hall is currently being everyone with an internet connection who does not cheer for the Edmonton Oilers. Today I decided to share a few of my favorites because we should all share in a few laughs.

Oilers could be positioned to woo Mike Babcock - Edmonton Sun - Terry Jones wants us to dream of a world where Mike Babcock is the coach of the Oilers. It's a wonderful alternate reality where the Oilers aren't a dismal failure for years on end.

Kellen & Connor Jones Returned To Bakersfield - Tend The Farm - Just as quick as they were recalled to OKC, Kellen and Connor Jones have been returned to Bakersfield. More moves coming?

Around The NHL

Did Wild Wing Do A "Blow Job" Gesture Towards Oilers Fans? - Battle of California - Anaheim Ducks mascot, Wild Wing, being naughty during Christmas time.

Flames sign Bob Hartley to multi-year extension - Matchsticks and Gasoline - Calgary's head coach of the past three seasons is going to remain its head coach for the foreseeable future. Thank you PDO.

James Neal fined $2,000 for embellishment - On the Forecheck - The GIF is hilarious. A $2000 fine is also hilarious.

Around The World

Full Moon vs. Full Moon - On Beer - A side-by-side taste test of Alley Kat Full Moon Pale and new Full Moon IPA.

Seattle’s unbelievable transportation megaproject fustercluck - Grist - Seattle is involved in a slow-motion catastrophe, as construction of a new car-centric tunnel grinds to a halt and cost overruns loom.