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Nothing? Nothing Will Come of Nothing.

Perfectly describes the Oilers offense in 2-0 loss to Rangers

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

I Nostradamus'd (sic) the shit out of that one didn't I?

Most teams would salivate at facing an opponent playing their second game in two nights on the road in a different time zone. The Oilers? Well they drooled all over themselves instead.

Ah, so that's where I buried my emotions for this team. I figured I was suppressing them internally. Good to know there are no aneurysms in my future.

Is the answer to the question "What did the Oilers zone entries look like tonight?".

Old Man: "There's a fly in this soup"

Deli Owner: "That's a crouton"

Old Man: "There's still a fly in this soup"

Deli Owner: "That's still a crouton"

I've got nothing. Alan's an asshole for tweeting this. In my day, you'd tweet out helpful things, not crap about tying onions to your belt.

This game was so bad even a goalie was able to offer accurate analysis. Speaking of which, how the hell did Young Willis get these Quotes from his mom's basement?

Shit. How long before CBC, SN or TSN hires this guy for awesome intermission goalie thoughts? Stop it Hank. It's bad enough you were part of the reason this game was unwatchable, don't give the networks any ideas.

I can't wait until we trade another minute eating RHD for a shut down guy to protect the lead, just like we did with Gilbert.

And the horse he rode in on. That horse, was probably a Stampeders mascot at one point in it's life. Hopefully that dumb horse ends up in the next bottle of paste Derek Van Diest eats. How can your parents name you so well, then proceed to let you grow up into that?

Pretty much sums it up. I'm not sure how else a game is supposed to end up when:

And the most depressing thing?

Merry Christmas