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Oilers Call Up Brad Hunt

Because when the defense is a mess, no one but Brad Hunt can help

The Hamilton Spectator Tweeted that the Edmonton Oilers have recalled Brad Hunt :

Which I couldn't find anywhere else until Lowetide Tweeted the same:

Sure enough, the transaction is listed on the AHL website.

You might remember Brad Hunt from such hits as "This is Brad Hunt on Defense", which produced this gem:

Toffoli Goal

as well as "The Oilers Scratched Jeff Petry for Brad friggin' Hunt?!"

You might also remember Brad Hunt from "Oh no, Brad Hunt is on the Ice!"

Meanwhile, Martin Marincin, the only left defenseman anywhere in the organization capable of playing tough minutes and not looking like ... Brad Hunt ... sits in Oklahoma City, wondering when the Edmonton Oilers will stop doing visual self checks for colon polyps.

Head up ass