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Synchronized Jultzing

When one Jultz isn't enough for you.

Christian Petersen

Justin Schultz - hockey hammer.

Jultzing is serious business to some.  If I don't assign blame to everyone for everything they did wrong with Schultz is out there Jultzing, some undergarments are tightly bunched and hell must be raised!

Alright fine, you big whiners, after the .gif, we'll assign blame.  Now stop ruining the fun for the rest of us.

Well, look at that.  Everyone is to blame except Teddy Purcell, and the best part is everybody follows Jultz' lead!

My favorite part about this goal is the way David Perron perfectly mirrors Justin Schultz as they both abandon the slot at the same time with the same hunch and stick reach and at the same pace.  Friday night brought us the Double Jultz, and here we have the Synchronized Jultz.

The desperation Jultz from Boyd Gordon at the end as he looks around and wonders where everyone went is the icing on the cake.

Jultzing, catch the fever.