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Predict The Final Score: Game 14 - Edmonton Oilers @ Buffalo Sabres

Save us Vik?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oilers vs Sabres

Today's Goaltenders:

Viktor Fasth (141 mins ESSvPct: .875 SvPct: .861) vs. Michal Neuvirth (369 mins ESSvPct: .924 SvPct: .925)

Please put your prediction in the subject line like this: Oilers n - Sabres n

Please list the Oilers score first, regardless of the team being home or away.

Make your own prediction and do not comment on anyone else's prediction. Any comments that are not in the format above, or in response to someone else's comment will be deleted.

Points distributed as follows:

Predict both teams correctly: 5 points

Predict the Oilers score correctly: 2 points

Predict the opponent's score correctly: 1 points

Your prediction must be submitted by game time. Submissions posted after game time will be deleted.

Points will be tallied throughout the season, and at season's end, we'll award a prize package to the winner. The prize package consists of:

Jeff Petry autographed puck
Edmonton Oilers puck-shaped rug (pictured below)
A set of (4) Edmonton Oilers draught glasses
Edmonton Oilers reversible knit hat
A set of (2) Edmonton Oilers knit can koozies

*Official rules for this contest can be viewed by clicking on this link.

Good Luck, Go Oilers!

Puck Rug

Current standings:

Mr DeBakey 17
TakeoutArtist 15
Robin E 14
michaels82 12
ryan_batty 12
admiralmark 11
fzrdave 10
northof51 10
jonrmcleod 9
SoCalOil 9
OilTastic 8
Wonder Llama 8
BigB_09 7
GOATWallace45 7
justin_watkins 7
mightystyk 7
OilLeak 7
factfinder1 6
humantorch 6
anguishedgentleman 5
curcro 5
GCW_69 5
Passive Voice 5
Robjs22 5
ryanhimself 5
zatch12 5
lostinleafsland 4
Oprah sucks 4
thetransplant 4
El Pindo 3
Vanvoneer 3
bhommy 2
bomo 2
boozey 2
calgaryoilbaron 2
cavalierrogue 2
chrstnsn 2
dawgbone98 2
dkas2 2
lumberjackass 2
shuddertothink 2
SoonerPenguin 2
Waltlaw 2
bituman 1
flinflonbombers 1
Johnny enviro 1