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The Double Jultz: $3.675 Million For Thornton Melon

Justin Schultz has no idea what he's doing.

The last time we looked at Jultzing, Justin was only Jultzing once during each goal against.

But like Thornton Melon nailing the Triple Lindy, Justin Schultz has a slick new move that was thought to exist only in hockey mythology.  Last night Justin turned in something special:

Flail left.

Flail right.

Defend Neither.


The Double Jultz..

At some point in 2009-10 the Oilers went from sourcing solid defenceman to no idea what they were doing in the front office.  The subsequent collapse in player development and current inability to find real defenders led to the Oilers giving $3.675 million to a player that has no idea what he's doing in his own zone.  I hope one day the fog lifts for Schultz, but for now, the Oilers should trade him while his name still has cachet.

Until then, Jultz on.