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Sabres Send Reinhart Back To Kootenay, Well Forever Poisoned

Sam Reinhart is going back to the CHL

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Sabres sent 2014 second overall pick Sam Reinhart back to Kootenay, more from

"The minutes he got here, the situations he played in here, suggested to me it was time to get back," Sabres general manager Tim Murray said.

"He's not going to learn a whole lot there on the ice, I don't think," Murray said. "I told him I know he can go back there [Kootenay] and be a 120-point guy in a full season playing three-quarter speed, but that's not what we want him to go back there and do. We want him to get stronger and he's going to have to find a way to … find a way to slip out on his own to get to the gym and get stronger."

The Sabres have poisoned the well and this will result in nothing but hard feelings from the player.  You never send top picks back down.  Now Reinhart will look at other top picks and see them stay and feel poorly about the team.  This will result in Reinhart being unwilling to sign a long-term contract.  Reinhart will leave Buffalo as soon as possible in free agency.

This clearly sends a message to a fanbase that the Sabres have no interest in actually winning.  Any argument made to send him back is fools gold.  He would gain absolutely nothing going back to juniors. Nothing at all. He has nothing to prove in the WHL.  Nothing, so sending him there would be the most completely pointless idea ever. What’s he gonna learn there? How to play with kids in a kids league?  The only way to make those two better is to play them against the best competition and that is the NHL.

Author's Note:  the second and third paragraphs were written by Oilers fans.