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Marincin, Jultz Scratched Against Preds

One makes sense, the other not so much?

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Rishaug reported that Oilers coach Dallas Eakins is changing up his defensive pairings tonight against the Predators:

Which made sense considering how awful Justin Schultz has been this season and that Eakins benched him against the Stars:

But then he dropped this news:

Martin Marincin will be joining Schultz in the press box.  Why?

I honestly have no idea.

This is the goto chart for me - ZS Adj Corsi bubble charts with quality of competition on the x axis and quality of teammate on the y axis. This chart shows all NHL defensemen with 9 games played and 15 minutes of even strength time on ice per game in 2014, so players we would call regular defensemen.  Notable about this chart?


Martin Marincin has the highest qualcomp in the group.

But he's taking a healthy scratch.  Is there no role for Marincin between "hardest minutes in the league" and "press box"?