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Booed Off The Ice And All The Way To The Dressing Room

The fans weren't happy with Saturday night. And they let the team know it.

Tag, you're it.
Tag, you're it.
Chris LaFrance-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday night wasn't a good night for the Oilers. On home ice they dropped their sixth straight game, 7-1 to the Chicago Blackhawks. As the year of losing having mounted the level of apathy among the fans at Rexall Place has also grown, and Saturday night was no different. To me it felt like most of the fans showed up knowing that the home team had little or chance of winning, and when that turned out to be the case they just shrugged and grabbed another beer.

That doesn't mean they didn't voice their displeasure when all was said and done though. The fans booed the Oilers off the ice on Saturday night and, thanks to a strange setup that sees the Oilers walk through a bar to get to their dressing room, kept booing them until they were safely behind their doors of the dressing room. And this comes less than a year after Craig MacTavish got into a shouting match with a fan in the same area.

I'm sure the players can't wait until the new building opens and things like this are a thing of the past. Of course winning a few more hockey games would accomplish the same thing.