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Hawks blast Oilers...

Chicago's circus road trip lives up to it's name in Edmonton.

Chris LaFrance-USA TODAY Sports

The Copper and Blue has a group email where we toss around ideas and arrange schedules, so when I read the email that we needed someone to do the post game for tonight, I knew two things:

1. That I'd probably end up doing it.

2. That like every other time I step up to do a last minute post game, the Oilers would get their teeth kicked in.

This was a game that nearly everyone figured the Oilers were going to lose, being the 2nd game in a back to back and against a very good Western Conference team. That still doesn't prepare you for watching a debacle like this unfold.

Nothing was good for the Oilers tonight. When they weren't scoring on themselves, they were letting Chicago have free reign in the neutral zone by having poor spacing on both zone entries and their fore check. Chicago was constantly able to get players in behind the Oilers 4th man, giving them numerous 2 on 1 and breakaway opportunities.

While all of the goals against weren't bad ones when viewed individually, your goalies need to come up with some of these saves in order to give your team a chance to win.

What's potentially the worst part about this sort of drubbing is that their d-man usage was pretty much bang on with what a lot of fans have been clamouring for. Nikitin was scratched, Schultz played just 16 minutes and Fayne, Petry and Marincin all saw over 20 minutes. It's unfortunate Aulie was still in the lineup, but I hope this wasn't just a one night experiment and that the Oilers bench staff attempts this over a few games to give it a legitimate chance.