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David Perron Draws A Line In The Sand

Every man has a breaking point

Chris LaFrance-USA TODAY Sports

David Perron can't take it anymore.

He's tired of playing for the moribund Oilers.

Like a man standing up to those who peed on his rug, Perron decided to use the post-game tonight after an awful loss to the Devils to call out his teammates and coaches, and if you squint hard enough, management.

After describing Justin Schultz' hilarious on-ice hi-jinx, Perron's exasperation boiled over:

"Something has to change.  When you are making those mistakes, something needs to happen. They are the same mistakes we were doing last year. We keep talking about how much better we are this year, but for me it is the same record now that we had last year. It is not better."


"It's about a full sixty. We need to have accountability from coaches and teammates."

David, it hasn't been better for nine years and it might be getting worse.  But thanks for that one magical season and good luck in New York or Boston or wherever you end up after that wonderful interview.