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Taylor Hall's Injury Just "Nasty Bruising": Rishaug

The season is not lost.

Derek Leung

Curtis' headline in the post-game wrap was enough to send Oilers' fans into flashbacks:

"Oilers Lose Taylor Hall, Hockey Game"

With Oilers fans holding their collective breaths and all set to begin the Connor McDavid watch, TSN's Ryan Rishaug tweeted:

annnnd, exhale.

Edmonton starts an Eastern Conference road trip with the Flyers, Sabres, Bruins and Rangers this week and although the Oilers have had recent success against the dreadful East, the loss of Hall forces David Perron and Benoit Pouliot up the lineup and leaves the Oilers without the engine that makes things go.

With the Oilers already floundering in 26th by points percentage and 27th in our latest power rankings, the loss of Taylor Hall effectively ends the season. Even knowing that he's not done, if Hall spends a week on the shelf, the Oilers risk losing touch with Chicago (8th in the conference in points percentage) by American Thanksgiving.