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David Perron's Peak - Touching the Void

It was great while it lasted.

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" was actually an enormous cornice, an overhang of snow and ice, and I was walking up over the top of it."

--Joe Simpson, "Touching The Void"

I've written about this twice before, but it's worth looking at David Perron's shot rates again.

I ended the last article by saying:

Combine Perron's curious shots on goal pop with the peak age of forwards in the NHL and the propensity for shot rates to decrease with age, and we've seen a brief, albeit amazing peak.  While Perron has been outstanding for a completely dismal team this season, sadly, the odds are unimaginably long that Perron plays at this level ever again.

and how.

Here's the same chart updated through game 16 of this season.

Perron's 12 game shots on goal 11-12-14

Perron had a brief rise in late March roughly equivalent to two prior career segments with the Blues, but Perron is back at his career average for now.  His 2013-14 season was fun to watch, but David Perron's production moving forward is going to look like his career prior 20 goals per 82 games, rather than his 30 goals per 82 in 2013-14.

Author's Note:  read Touching The Void if you've never had the pleasure.  Regardless of your knowledge of climbing or mountaineering, the book is riveting.  After you've read the book, watch the movie.