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Taylor Hall's Best Joe Sakic Imitation

The second-coming of Burnaby Joe?

Chris LaFrance-USA TODAY Sports

Last summer I looked at Taylor Hall's era-adjusted comparables and called them "Crazy".  Hall went out and posted another outstanding season: 27 goals and 53 assists, totaling 80 points in 75 games.  Normalizing those points to account for era as we've done previously, Hall turned in a 96-point / 82-game season.

So apropos of nothing, other than the fact that this is really cool, the table below shows how Taylor Hall stacks up to Joe Sakic through their first four seasons in the NHL.

Era-adjusted points/82
Age Joe Sakic Taylor Hall
18 58 58
19 85 80
20 97 103
21 96 96
Total 336 337

So then, Burnaby Taylor instead of Kingston Cannonball?

*Developed by Jonathan Willis, these specific era-adjusted comparables are determined by adjusting each season as if there was an average of 6 goals scored per game and each team played 82 games each season, while holding player production ratios constant.