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Let's Hope Hot Stove Is Hot Air In Jeff Petry's Case

The Oilers might use Jeff Petry to acquire a centre.

Derek Leung

Skip forward to 3:43

From Darren Dreger:

Well the Edmonton Oilers are weak up the middle of the ice.  We know that Craig MacTavish is looking for a centre and we know it's not a perfect scenario to have an 18-year-old in Leon Draisaitl be your number two centre.  Jeff Petry, defenseman for the Edmonton Oilers, name is out there.  Not suggesting that the Oilers are shopping him, they need to see what they've got in Klefbom, they need to see what they have in Darnell Nurse, but he's a piece of the puzzle they might use if there is a centre that fits what they need.

The torture starts early this season, apparently.  This really helps out our prize pack for the predict the score game as well.  The need to deal quality to get quality is real (unless Steve Tambellini is involved), but dealing the strongest player on your weakest unit seems like it's cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Jeff Petry:  Petry is Rebuild v3.0's (are we on Rebuild 4.0 yet?) Tom Gilbert.  He plays toughs and saws off, even though he has no help, he does it quietly, but with aplomb.  He's a stopper, but he's also a primary puck carrier.

Moving Petry seems like it will lead to...