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#4 - Leon Draisaitl

Dr. Drai debuts at #4 in the Top 25 Under 25

It'll be nice when we get more than just draft photos of Leon Draisaitl
It'll be nice when we get more than just draft photos of Leon Draisaitl
Mitchell Leff

Stealing the number 4 spot from Jordan Eberle and making his first appearance in the Top 25 Under 25, Leon Draisaitl debuts in the #4 spot.

Alan Ben Bruce Curtis DB Derek Jeff Jon Michael Ryan Scott Zsolt
3 5 3 4 5 3 5 3 2 5 2 5

Previous Rank: N/A

Leon Draisaitl (or Dr. Drai as Ryan Batty has suggested) made history this summer when the Oilers selected the German born player third overall at the NHL entry draft. The third overall selection made Draisaitl the highest German born player ever drafted.

Here is what Hockey Futures had to say about Draisaitl:

Versatile forward with great offensive instincts to go along with NHL-ready size. Reliable on specialty teams. Mature, composed, well-spoken, even-keeled.

Dobber's Prospects had very similar things to say about him as well, they also ranked Draisaitl as the Oilers #1 prospect:

Draisaitl possesses a projectable game from an NHL perspective combining intelligence, size and offensive awareness but can be prone to inconsistent play. At the NHL level, he projects as a playmaking pivot capable of playing top line minutes.

Draisaitl brings a lot to the table and beyond his scouting report he is also only 18 years old, 6'1" and 210 lbs and he's still growing. He is also a centre, an area the Oilers are desperate to fill and have been lacking within the system and on the team. As with most prospects though there is only so much one can expect, after all they are just prospects. The real test will come when Draisaitl hits the NHL. Enter the Edmonton Oilers.

When Draisaitl was selected third overall at this years entry draft the hope was that he would return to Prince Albert for at least one more season. As the summer progressed and the Oilers were unable/unwilling to sign a legitimate NHL centre it started to look like the spots may be filled by Mark Arcobello and/or Anton Lander. As training camp has progressed though it is starting to look like the Oilers may try to have Draisaitl fill the #2 C spot on the roster. Which would mean the last forward to be drafted by the Oilers and given a proper development path would be the guy that Draisaitl stole the #4 spot from, Jordan Eberle.