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Viktor Fasth’s New Mask

Viktor Fasth has a special new mask

There's a story in my eyes...
There's a story in my eyes...
Chris LaFrance-USA TODAY Sports

Viktor Fasth figured that as long as Ben Scrivens was getting a new mask, he might as well do the same.  Only, Fasth's mask is a little bit ... weird.  From

The cogs from the previous mask act as teeth in this new incarnation, one Gunnarsson calls "The Shapeshifter – Oil Drooling Clown". The title gives you a better idea of just what is going on here. The lips of the clown, stained red by makeup (and who knows what else) run around the entire mask to give the shape-shifting illusion. Oil drool spills out the sides and as you move towards the top of the mask, you get a view of the other creature.

A shape-shifting killer clown mask.  Those of you with coulrophobia might want to avoid Rexall Place or the Oilers broadcast when Fasth is scheduled to go between the pipes.  Stare too long at that thing and you might see something like this: