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A Lightning Writer's Take On The Oilers

Frustration? We're well past that.

Christian Petersen

John Fontana over at Raw Charge gives his take on the Oilers:

There's undoubtedly frustration among the players in the Oilers dressing room regarding play and results, I don't doubt it.  What I do doubt, what I do ponder, is if those higher up in the Oilers organization have the notion that things need to change - the attitude, the culture - throughout the franchise in order to regain control of a derelict ship that's been adrift at sea since 2006. The fact the Oilers seem to do the same thing over and over again - finish low in the NHL and gain a draft lottery pick, sign free agents, change the head coach when a scapegoat is needed and then do it all over again - has certainly gotten to the fans to one degree or another, who are throwing jerseys on the ice out of frustration. one degree or another. 

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