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Brossoit and Musil Sent to Oklahoma City

Another two sent packing.

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SB Nation 2014 NHL Preview

Laurent Brossoit and David Musil, two more names to add to the list of the departed. With only two games remaining on the team's preseason schedule, both versus Vancouver, tonight in Edmonton and Saturday in Vancouver, I had expected to see a a lot more names on the cut list list today; especially up front where the Oilers still need to trim one-third of the forwards in camp. This probably means that tonight is the last audition for a few players.

From the Top 25 Under 25

That Musil hung around as long as he did should be seen as an encouraging sign. He's fallen out of favour a little in our Top 25 Under 25 but he's still a player with some tools, and as a second round pick it would be nice to see that potential transform into a player. Mobility has been the knock on Musil, and that's not something that has corrected itself overnight, but based on my limited viewings in camp I thought his positioning was strong which makes up, slightly, for the shortcomings elsewhere in his game.

Brossoit, like Musil, was never making the Oilers out of camp this season and is likely still a couple of years away. Three periods over two games isn't much of a sample to look at, but he didn't look terribly out of place in the little bit of playing time he received. I tend to treat goalie prospects like referees: if I don't remember them then they probably did an decent enough job. And I don't remember much of Brossoit's play.