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Defensive Improves but Offence Lacks

Oilers lose 2-0 to the Canucks

Radim Vrbatta scores the game winning goal
Radim Vrbatta scores the game winning goal
Steve Alkok-USA TODAY Sports

Before I start I'd like to thank Curtis for covering the post game thoughts for me over the past few games. I'd also like to thank him for letting me cover the best game so far this season even if it was a loss.

Both goalies looked pretty good. Ben Scrivens looked more like the goalie from the end of last season. He played well but there was still that worry that he may do something and cost the game for the team but the goal he allowed wasn't really his fault. Ryan Miller on the other hand was playing like he had something to prove. It also helped that the Oilers couldn't buy a goal.


Game Summary

The Oilers had a few chances to open the score early on but Miller made some great stops. The Canucks did a great job of getting their bodies and sticks in the way of shots negating a lot of great opportunities as well. The first power play looked like the best oppertunity for the Oilers to score but they just couldn't seem to get it done. As the game progressed the power plays seemed to get less effective although chances from both Taylor Hall and Leon Draisaitl at least kept it interesting. The biggest thing I noticed in the game was that the Canucks kept the Oilers to the outside and even when the slot wasn't covered there was rarely an Oiler in sight.

On the defensive side of things the Oilers definitely looked better than they had in the previous 4 games but they still struggled a bit. The first goal against was a perfect example of puck watching and bad coverage.

There were a couple more incidents where last minute scrambles prevented a goal against but overall the defense did look better.

I noticed a few things that did catch my eye. First Nail Yakupov although a minus player right now is getting back defensively and trying to cover where he can. Taylor Hall is a machine he made a poke at the end of the third period that negated a goal on a wide open net. Although Boyd Gordon may not be flashy and shiny they guy is a super hero and plays the defensive zone so well.


I apologize for the abbreviated game summary but when I start doing them again on a more regular basis the old format of major events will be back. This was a quick one off until I can get my work projects completed. Thanks for the understanding.