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Oilers Actually Recall Marincin. Send Nurse Back To Junior.

Some changes to the Oilers blue line.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A day after we though Martin Marincin had been recalled from the Barons he has now officially been recalled; on a plane headed in the opposite direction is forward Steve Pinizzotto. Marincin was a surprise cut at the end of training camp but with the team struggling and the defence in desperate need of help, the coaching staff has decided to reverse course and bring the defender back to Edmonton. That is good news.

Also good news is the team's decision to send Darnell Nurse back to the Greyhounds of Sault Ste. Marie. It certainly didn't look to me like he was ready to play in the NHL and while I would probably rather see Nurse playing in the AHL than the OHL that's not an option, and so he's stuck packing his bags, destined for Ontario. Unless you watch a lot of OHL hockey the next time you see Nurse play will probably be in a Team Canada jersey at the World Junior Championship this Christmas. And then again in an Oilers jersey next season.