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Oilers Fans: Doing It The Only Way They Know

Be better? They're trying!

Derek Leung

In the wake of the hoodie toss following the Oilers loss to the Flames (the odds-on worst team in the league) in their home opener and an article that shall not be linked suggesting that Oilers fans attending 1984 reunion activities boo former owner Peter Pocklington, Jason Gregor took to Twitter to admonish Oilers fans:

Now, to be fair to Oilers fans, this is what they know.  As a group, they've been repeatedly told over the course of the last five seasons that the only way to get better is to be bad.  Really bad. So as part of getting better, these Oilers fans are being as bad as possible.  Call it Oilers fans rebuild v1.0

They've been told it takes six years to be better, so expect amazing things from these fans in 2020.