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Sooooooo...about that Adam Larsson?

Adam Larsson's backside finds the splinters.

Bruce Bennett

I know of a team that needs some defensive help, and I know of another team that has benched a high-profile, yet extremely affordable young defenseman that will probably do something sneaky and be penalized draft picks in the near future.  How bout we swap?

In Lou We Trust: Analysis of DeBoer's Decision to Start Severson and Sit Larsson -
Tom Gulitti reported early on Thursday that Adam Larsson was going to be a healthy scratch for Damon Severson based on the morning skate. Devils fans everywhere immediately began questioning this decision (among others).

I wonder if they'd be interested in a lovely set of future draft picks?

Five For Howling: Why Max Domi not making the Arizona Coyotes isn't that surprising
For these two drafts, let's focus on the first rounders. These are players that are going to be entering the third and fourth years of their career post draft so they must have quite a bit of NHL experience, right? Well, not so much.

Fear The Fin: Sharks beat Kings despite taking a 3-0 lead
Just the title, that's all.

Raw Charge - Making sense of the Richard Panik decision
Unfortunately, not every promising young prospect, even properly developed and given opportunities to succeed, makes it with the team that drafts them.

The Cannon: Time To Weather The Storm
"A smooth sea never made a skill sailor."

CBS Pittsburgh: Police: Man Tries To Kill Another Man With Tractor
When the truck stopped, Oleary allegedly yelled "I will kill you" to Clay and used the bucket of the tractor to pin Clay against the driver’s side of his truck.

The next time you think you're having a bad day - remember, you aren't pinned against your truck by a tractor and you aren't being beaten about the head and face.